The Wild Mustangs of Sand Wash Basin


Welcome to Black Hat Photography's New Refurbished Website. Come on in and look around. My most recent galleries are here on the Home Page-just scroll down and click on. On top under the "Browse" button you’ll find more wild horse galleries and galleries of my other photography work, such as sports photography and other subjects that have crossed my viewfinder. My main focus these past couple of years has been in Equestrian and Wild Horse photography. Due to poor and declining health I have not been able to do the business side of my photography for several years now, thus, cannot accept any new assignments. However, feel free to enjoy the site and my work contained within.  Of course, if you see something you like please feel free to purchase it. The monies I receive from the sale of these pictures goes to furthering the education of people about the wild Mustangs and to help keep them free for all to enjoy, especially future generations.

My interest in photography goes way back to when I went out with my father, who was a newspaper reporter and often did his own shooting for the stories like-auto accidents. He used to tell me about what made a good picture to go with his story. It wasn't until 1984 that I started seriously doing photography for a hobby. Then several years ago after a long and serious health crisis, I picked up the camera and just began taking pictures like crazy to keep my mind off my medical situation.

Patrick F. Brennan Jr.

Denver, Colorado

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Patrick F. Brennan Jr.

Baby Charlie Shoot Day Two 026-2



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